La Trottinette, located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, was inspired by the Maison Verte concept created by Françoise Dolto in Paris in 1979.

Françoise Dolto, a pediatrician and psychoanalyst, helped to recognize the child as a person in his or her own right.

Its concept has spanned time and space, and today exists in all French-speaking cantons and in many European and Latin American countries.

La Trottinette was born in 1996 and the association was created in February 1998.

The symbolism of the name "La Trottinette" comes from the following thought:

One foot on the scooter, one foot on the ground, supported by the adult, the child gains self-confidence and sets off on the path of life.


The association is run by a volunteer committee and a team of 6 carers.

Organization chart

The committee operates as a college with a co-chair:

  • Marc Bernasconi
  • Anastasiia Kamienieva
  • Laurence Messerli
  • Anne-Laure Montandon
  • Silvia Simone
  • Monique Desvoignes

The hostesses, who also sit on the committee:

  • Natacha Emmenegger-Wolf
  • Rosemarie Schmid
  • Laetitia Gigon Kubler
  • Murielle Girardin
  • Elodie Francillon
  • Anne-Marie Sandoz Jäggi

Job offers

Would you like to donate some time and energy?

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or call 032 / 914 52 60.